December 5, 2016

Record Your Story

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Share your Story. Make the Connection.

ECHO’s StoryLine Project is pleased to provide residents from all walks of life the opportunity to share their stories and listen to the stories of their neighbors. We hope that you will find your StoryLine recording experience meaningful and rewarding and afterwards encourage others to share their stories.

Step 1: Select a story partner. StoryLine encourages participants to record in pairs simply because it’s easier to share our stories in conversation with someone we know, such as a friend or family member.

Step 2: Make a reservation online or call 336-499-4402 to reserve a date/time that works for you and your story partner.

Step 3: Read more about what to expect and how to prepare for your recording session.

Weekly Radio Broadcasts

Each week, a selected story is broadcast on area radio stations as noted below:

  • QuePasa: Thursdays 9:53 am; Greensboro/Winston-Salem: 1470/1380 AM and Raleigh-Durham: 1000 AM and 1530 AM
  • WFDD: 88.5 FM  Sundays 8:34 am
  • WSJS: 600 – 1200 AM Sundays 9:30 am
  • WSNC: 90.5 FM Mondays 10:30, Wednesdays 10:30 & 2:30, Fridays 2:30, Saturday 1:30 & 6:30, Sundays 9:30 & 6:30